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Esca Stephens

McAndrews 1

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Stan Pedersen

Irene Matthews

Wade & Neal


This prestigeous competition between the Metropolitan district Tennis Associations was first conducted in 1921 for the open men and open ladies events. Over the years many household name players have represented their Associations in this competition such as John Bromwich, Dinny Pails, Adrian Quist, Lew Hoad, Ken Rosewall, Bill Bowrey, Kim Warwick, John Alexander, Phil Dent, Jan Lehane, Beryl Penrose, Evonne Goolagong, Diane Fromholtz and Lesley Turner - just to name a few. 

The NSW Hardcourt Tennis Association Inc was formed in 1924 and has been representing grass roots tennis as well as organising tennis in the Metropolitan area ever since. It is a not-for- profit organisation and is a volunteer run organisation. In 2016, Hardcourt agreed to run the competition under the Sydney Tennis League (STL) umbrella with the co-operation of Tennis NSW. 



(Interdistrict Competition Championship Award.)

This award was inaugurated in 1947 and awarded to the Association with the highest number of points earned during the Interdistrict competition. In 1983 a perpetual trophy was acquired for this purpose. In 1988 the trophy was named the George McKerihan Shield in memory of a former President of the Association who held office from 1941 until 1961.

The Rosewall Medal

The Rosewall Medal was introduced into the Interdistrict Competition in 1996 to recognise the "best and fairest" player over the course of the competition. The Rosewall Medal is restricted to competitors in Division 1 of all Cups.  Participation is compulsory and nominees may be from either the winning or losing team.

The name of Ken Rosewall is synonymous with fair play and sportsmanship in tennis and we were honoured when Ken agreed to attach his name to the medal in a competition in which he once was a competitor.

Wade & Neal Cup, Irene Matthews Cup


Stan Pedersen Cup (10 & U Boys)                          Harry Beck Cup (10 & U Girls) - no Team

Oliver Prosek (C)                                                       

Bede Kirwan                                                                

Eitan Smith                                                                  

Sam Cook (R)              


McAndrews Cup (12 & U Boys)                              Crakanthorpe Cup (12 & U Girls)                         

Toby Crow                                                                 Mia Jones (C)

James Thompson (C)                                               Maria Nicol

Jarah Vinks                                                                Ruby Quigley

                                                                                    Ava Bushby

Mihn Vu                                             

Clement Charbonneau (C)                                      Wade & Neal Cup (14 & U Girls) 

Josh Delaney                                                             Elise Thompson (C)

Max Byron (R)                                                           Anastasia Kljacic

Robbie Sedgwick (R)                                                Hilton Kennedy

                                                                                    Lucy Jones (R)

                                                                                    Jasmine Vogt (R)

Esca Stephens Cup (14 & U Boys) 

Mitchell Gerrie (C)                                                   Irene Matthews Cup (16 & U Girls) 

James Nicols                                                            Charleigh Fay (C)

Lachlan Bannerman                                               Isabella Jonhson

Strath Powell (R)                                                      Claudia Offers

Orlando Encina (R)                                                  Sara Sucic (Injured)                             


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