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This is a Tennis Australia initiative, for talented players in our metro zone region to come together and train in a high levelled environment. This is the next important step in the player development pathway. Players are then invited to attend Blue Wall camps run out of TNSW headquarters where they are exposed to high performance platforms and programs. They are also provided the opportunity to be considered for state development squad selections.


These metro squads take place across the Northern Beaches and the coaches selected have met the criteria set out by the committee.


We are holding the Zone Hitting squads each term in 2023  - training once a week for a 2 hour session. 

Player selection: TNB SJTT competition 2023, Inter district players 2022 and or TNB District Championships 2022. UTR's will also be considered in this selection process.

Player ages: 10, 12, 14 and 16 Boys, 10, 12, 14 and 16 Girls 

Expression of Interest has now closed - Squads will be announced 5th May 2023



Michael P
James C
Darcy M
Clement C
Lewis C
Arya K
David P
Zarifa A
Ange R
Alana K
Marley G
Indiana G
Jada M
Alexa P
Rose K
Hailey R
Kiara K
Bella C
Emilia A
Mhira G
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