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Tennis Northern Beaches aims to bring you the most updated local tennis news and events in our area. 

100 Year Celebration and Reunion

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Special thanks to Bruce and Kanidice for the photos on the night



What age did you start playing tennis?
I picked up a racquet at the age of 8years old and played casually until 10 years old. At 12 years of age I committed fully to tennis, and left behind playing basketball and competing in athletics.

Where did you play out of as a junior on the northern beaches?
As a young junior, I played junior squads out of Mona Vale Tennis Club and then was coached by Northern Beaches Tennis Academy, Akos Pandurics.

What was your favourite tennis memory as a junior and now as a professional player?
As junior – winning 12’s clay court nationals in Ipswich QLD, I was not picked to win but had the best week of competing.
As a elite athlete now, it would still have to be the 18’s Nationals and also defeating a top 100 player this year. The 18’s Nationals was a tough few weeks and the pressure was huge but came away with winning the event. This year also has a great memory where I defeating a top 100 player in Melbourne.

What is your best tennis achievement?
Top 100 player win in WTA
18’s nationals

What was it like playing in the Australian open qualifying draw, as an Australian?
It was an amazing experience however I have not played other Grand events. It is absolutely amazing with the treatment you get. The players get treated like gold, the crowd was supportive which was motivating, and just to be in Australia to compete in the Australian Open is mind blowing. 

In February this year, you debuted in the main draw at the Philip island Trophy of the WTA tour where you made the third round, tell us what your first WTA win was like?
Lost in qualifying in a great match up and was not expected to get anywhere in the tournament but then unexpectedly, whilst training 2 days after the loss I was offered the lucky looser position. I was so excited to test out my game and skills against the best level and most of all fun. My game plan was to try and stay in the moment and soak in the level of play. During lock down. 

Tell us how you felt about winning your first ITF doubles title?
This was in Germany, I only had the expectation to have fun and to build confidence with the goal to enjoy every point. I really enjoyed playing with her partner and being in the environment.

Have you had any set backs and how did you cope / deal with them?
Covid set back me back so I came home for a few months. It was a novelty to be back home with family, training at Collaroy Tennis Club and running long reef headland. I felt pressure to continue to train so spent some time in Brisbane and was fortunate enough to spend this with Ash Barty. It was a very valuable experience to train with her. 
Last year I felt lost with my game and confidence and in November 2020 I started to build back fundamentals, work on goals, put in the hard work (on and off court) and I started to regain her momentum again.
I also had some Injuries early this year but managed them ok and with the low pressure of minimal tournaments there was no rush to play.

At a glance, what is in a day in the life of Gabriella?
I am a fairly routine person and tries not to be superstition
7:30/8am smoothie or porridge – Melbourne coffee snob
Training at coaches house for a few hours 2-3
Lunch break – generally left overs from dinner.
Gym sessions or run or off court session (closer to tournament time frames I incorporate movement or speed or at the beginning of the preseason - 6 weeks from a tournament I work on strength based gym work outs)
Home time in afternoon for rest and recovery: I try to take my mind off tennis where I like to do painting or walk on the yarra river with a coffee in hand.
Diner: Cooks a basic protein and vegies dinner and then watches Tv to chill out.

What would you say to or advise the upcoming tennis juniors of the northern beaches today?
Make sure you love the game, play the way you love to play, enjoy the game after all it is a choice to play. It’s a long journey and many careers can come from tennis so take your own journey and enjoy it.
I loves the northern beaches and try to come back when I can, so keep an eye out for me hitting on our beaches soon.
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President's Message

What a great few months we have had with some wonderful competition and socials being held around the clubs. It has been fantastic to see some tennis being played and to watch Wimbledon and the Olympics.


The committee have been working hard to keep you up to date with all things tennis and it was great to see a large group turn up for the club forums session with TNSW last month. There were loads discussed and we hope you were able to get something out of it. We are also thrilled to be involved in the Tennis Sydney Metro Management committee where we will be involved with relating to key strategic priorities for tennis in Metropolitan Sydney covering Pittwater through to Blacktown, Berowra to the Sutherland Shire. 


We were excited to announce the TNB Junior representative teams for 2021 and we hoped to wish them all the best for the up coming tournament which has now sadly been cancelled due to the current Covid-19 situation. Not only has this tournament been cancelled but we have had to unfortunately put our TNB competitions on hold.  Hopefully not too long so I urge you all to do the right thing and follow the guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you all back on the court in our competitions soon.  


Tennis Northern Beaches President


Tennis Northern Beaches would like to announce that we have partnered with UTR through our competition software provider XPOINT SPORTS. Moving forward all match results will now be counted towards a Universal Tennis Rating ( UTR ) as well as the existing IPR provided by xpoint. It is vital that we implement this as the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is making tennis universal, open and equal. UTR provides a real time view of player’s true skill level. It is used widely throughout the tennis community by professionals, collegiate players, juniors and recreational players. Having a UTR like the xpoint IPR enables you to track your progress, find level-based play and expand your tennis network to play with people across any age and gender.

Please contact us for more information and keep an eye on our competiton forms and calendars.


Tennis Match

TNB District championships has been a prestigious event held for many years. It has seen many elite tennis athletes over the years. 

2018 Results

2020 District Championships Cancelled due to Covid

Tennis Match

TNB are introducing a challenge between clubs. Here our junior club players will battle it out against each other earning points for the club. The club with the highest points at the end of the year will be crowned the TNB Junior Club of the Year.

2019 Club Points

2020 Cancelled due to Covid

Contemporary Boardroom

TNB Committee meet regularly to discuss all business matters, competitions and anything tennis related to Manly Warringah Tennis Association.

Upcoming Meetings:

Special Meeting Date to be advised

Club Representative meeting 

2020/2021 AGM TBA

TNB hold an annual Inter-club championship challenge between our affiliated clubs. Winners of each club's club championships will be eligible to enter. The clubs will battle it out against each other to claim the title of the Club Champion of the year. 

Club Champions

 2019: Allambie Heights Tennis

2020: Mona Vale Tennis Club

2021: Mona Vale Tennis Club

2022: Mona Vale Tennis Club



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